21st Century Education

Education in the 21st Century is a dynamically changing environment. Beyond the foundational curriculum-specific skills, students need to be able to utilize technology resources effectively and ethically. Our school must inspire creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, so students are ready to meet our mission to excel academically and inspire life-long learning while cultivating Christian character.

Today, technology is found not only on the desktop, but also in our briefcases, backpacks and pockets. Mobile technology is now standard in the world outside the classroom. We believe the use of mobile technology in the classroom, coupled with personalized teaching strategies, will change the way students connect, communicate and collaborate within their learning environment and beyond. Mobile technology will provide the advantage of extending learning beyond the traditional time and space constraints.

Accessibility to mobile technology is therefore essential for students and teachers. There are many types of mobile devices on the market, but we believe that the iPad will best meet the needs of our students. The iPad is a mobile device that is accessible, media rich, creative, collaborative, and connected. We believe an iPad in the hands of our students can powerfully assist in the development of lifelong learners.

We believe through the guidance of our faculty, our students will use mobile technology to enhance their learning in the following ways:

  • Students will grow academically in a personalized learning environment.
  • Students will navigate the digital world with Christian discernment.
  • Students will employ communication skills to share and extend their learning.
  • Students will gain understanding of cultural and societal issues associated with technology.
  • Students will safely connect with other learners around the globe.

Our iPad School Plan

Our plan is to equip our teachers for effective teaching using technology to supplement and enrich the learning environment. We want each student in Preschool-Grade 5 to have access to an iPad for educational use during the school day. In addition, our middle school students will bring their iPad to school each day and use it for learning, homework, assessments, and extended projects.

Teachers: All teachers in Preschool-Grade 8 plus specials teachers will utilize the iPad technology in their classroom instruction. There are many iPad programs (apps) that can enrich and supplement our current resources, and these will help us in our teaching and connect to student learning.

Classrooms utilizing a Promethean Board will also have an Apple TV receiver to link the iPad to the digital projector for full classroom viewing. With this added technology, teachers can move around the classroom while teaching and still utilize the Promethean Board.

Our teachers will attend workshops and training to help them become familiar with the iPad technology and use the iPad for instruction.

Teachers will review our current textbooks and workbooks and identify iPad apps that may replace traditional learning resources.

Middle School: Every middle school student will be required to have an iPad at school each day for learning. We will send out info to parents to help them identify and purchase the iPad used in school and what accessories will be required for the middle school classrooms.

Some middle textbooks will be accessed online (or apps), replacing traditional textbook learning.

We are developing our BYODi (Bring Your Own Device: iPad) policies and procedures to help facilitate proper care and use of the iPad for learning.

Preschool-Grade 5: Each classroom will have multiple iPads available for student learning centers and for student enrichment and remedial activities. Teachers will develop plans to use iPads for learning in their daily lessons.