Academic Excellence

St. Stephens Lutheran School Academic Excellence

St. Stephens Lutheran School Academic Excellence

Lutheran Schools Tops in the Nation on the "Nation's Report Card"
The NAEP report, often called the "Nation's Report Card" ranked the Lutheran School system the #1 school system in the country! When compared to public schools, charter schools, and other large school systems, the system of Lutheran grade schools and high schools was ranked the best academic system. St. Stephens Lutheran School is proud to be a member of that school system.

Several factors contribute to the high level of academic achievement attained by our students. At the top of the list is an environment more advantageous to learning than that found in public schools.

Teachers.  Our highly dedicated, professional educators are more than teachers. They are coaches, advisors, mentors, and friends. Our teachers have years of experience in Christian education, and many have already achieved or are pursuing advanced degrees. Through their passion and commitment, teachers instill in students a lifelong love of learning.

Smaller Classes. Our low student-to-teacher ratio at all grade levels allows teachers to provide individualized attention that challenges students intellectually and helps them over learning hurdles. Students remain engaged in learning and motivated through the day. Students and teachers form faster and stronger bonds than in classes with more students. These bonds lead to increased student participation and, thus, more success in the classroom. While teachers provide personal attention to each and every student, they also give students the independence to pursue their own interests.

Smaller School. Although SSLS is one of the largest Lutheran elementary schools in North Carolina, its enrollment is smaller than that of many of today’s big consolidated public schools. In smaller schools, students, families, and teachers tend to share the same values. Everyone knows everyone, and no student is lost in the shuffle. All this creates a sense of community and a climate of respect and fellowship within which there are fewer problems with discipline.

Better Results. Students attending SSLS consistently score above the state average in standardized testing. Our elementary-school graduates are readily accepted into all local high schools, public and parochial, often moving right into various honors and Advanced Placement classes. The educational foundation built by our school puts students in good stead for acceptance into top-tier colleges and universities, including Ivy League schools and military academies.

Environment. To facilitate the highest level of academic achievement, St. Stephens Lutheran School provides structured, disciplined, faithful environments that are conducive to learning for students from preschool through Grade 8. In these environments, we develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, stimulate creativity and curiosity, ingrain the responsibilities of citizenship, and foster brighter futures.

Curriculum.  All studies reflect the North Carolina standards, national standards, and Lutheran school standards ...  and we use textbooks adopted and accepted by the state. Our curriculum also includes other components vital to a well-rounded education, including faith instruction, physical education, computer technology, art, music, and foreign language.

Extras.  We believe that everyone has been blessed with special gifts, and we strive to help students develop those gifts through a wide range of activities that build body, mind, and spirit. Because our school is smaller, students have a greater opportunity and more incentive to join in extracurricular activities. In addition to being just plain fun, these activities also serve to develop leadership and academic skills.  Our school athletics program provides organized competition and fellowship to students in Grades 5-8 ... and we believe that students develop self-confidence, a competitive spirit, and a sense of fair play in our sports program.