St. Stephens Lutheran School is affiliated with St. Stephens Lutheran Church, a member of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS).

Lutherans have established schools in our country since 1640. The reasons for opening and maintaining these schools has varied across the country and throughout history. All can be traced to six goals. Some of the Lutheran schools will exist for all six reasons, others for only 2 or 3 of them. Each is a valid reason for the establishment and maintenance of a Lutheran school.

  • To nurture faith
  • To grow in grace and knowledge
  • To teach the Word
  • To communicate and establish Christian values
  • To equip for Christian service
  • To reach out with the Gospel to others

More than 2,300 early childhood centers and preschools are operated by congregations and christian day schools within the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.  More than 129,000 children, ranging in age from infant/toddler to five years of age, are involved in these programs.  Additionally, our congregations operate 945 elementary schools which serve 107,000 students. Of these, 700 schools are accredited under the National Lutheran School Accreditation program.