St. Stephens Lutheran School Curriculum

The courses of study that make up the curriculum of the St. Stephens Lutheran School comply with the standards of the North Carolina Department of Education and the Southeastern District, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Our faith is actively integrated in each course of study at each grade level.

The areas of learning are:

  • Religion: Bible stories, Bible teachings, memory work, worship, service
  • Computer Education
  • Fine Arts: Music, choir, art, drama
  • Health: Sex education, nutrition, health
  • Language Arts: Reading, literature, creative writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting
  • Mathematics: Arithmetic, problem-solving, pre-algebra and algebra
  • Physical Education: Fitness, exercise and movement, basic games, team sports
  • Science: General science, biological science, earth science, physical sciences
  • Social Studies: Citizenship, history, NC history, geography, government, cultures, current events

SSLS Curriculum Summary

SSLS Music

Music is a gift from God. To develop this gift, our music classes provide children with a basic foundation in musical concepts so that they may understand, read, appreciate and perform music both vocally and with simple instruments, and be prepared to actively participate in musical activities now and in the future.

Music class time is focused on listening, playing, singing, and dancing/moving. Students study songs and compositions that reinforce grade level appropriate activities. Lessons include the study of beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, expression, and tone color.

Performances include singing in chapel, school musicals, and church worship.