University Christian High School

University Christian High School

Our classes end at 8th grade at SSLS, but our education continues at University Christian High School.  UCHS is "our" high school ... it's not on our campus, but it is located on the campus of Lenoir-Rhyne University.

UCHS offers students in the Hickory area the opportunity to receive a strong academic education in a Christian environment.  UCHS is a high school where Christian values are taught, modeled and expected.

Students in ninth and tenth grades take all of the classes that have NC End-of-Course tests. They also have the opportunity to take a wide variety of online elective classes. We offer a SAT Prep class in tenth grade that is designed to help students achieve higher SAT test scores. Sophomores have two AP class opportunities.

University Christian High School is in partnership with Lenoir-Rhyne University. The school's location on the LRU campus allows students to use the university's athletic facilities, cafeteria, library and science labs. Qualified juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take most of their classes as college classes that count as both high school and college credit. Any of the entry-level classes offered at LRU are available to UCHS students providing a selection of classes more extensive than any other high school in the area. Students may graduate from high school with over 30 hours of college credit.

For more information, visit the UCHS website.