There is a positive relation between a neat, appropriate appearance and a good learning environment.  All students are encouraged to take pride in self and in their school work.  To craft the optimal setting for students, the following guidelines reflect the concern of St. Stephens Lutheran School for student dress and they emphasize neatness, modesty, good grooming and good taste.  We ask both parents and students to support the school in our attempt to create a positive learning environment.
General Dress Code Guidelines
1. The style and type of student attire should be God-pleasing.
2. The students’ personal grooming should reflect respect and care for their bodies.
3. Clothing that is both modest and sensible is required.
4. Any article of apparel or the manner in which that apparel is worn should not provide a threat to the health or safety of the students.
5. Any article of apparel or the manner in which that apparel is worn should not cause a disruption of the educational process.
6. Clothing should be clean, free of holes, not torn or frayed, sized to fit appropriately, and worn properly on the body (ex: waistline for pants, shorts, etc).
7. Respectful dress is encouraged for chapel.
8. The examples listed are acceptable attire (and some unacceptable attire).
The list does not cover every possible situation; clothing styles and fashion change often. The school reserves the right to determine what is acceptable and what is not acceptable beyond the scope of the list.
Specific Dress Code Guidelines (Grades K-8)
Shirts and Blouses
• Any solid color including heather fabric; logo may not exceed 2” square (exception: SSLS logos)
• Polo-style, oxford dress style, blouse, or turtleneck; short or long-sleeve
• Shirt must be tucked in; no exposed midriff
• Plain-colored shirts may be worn underneath and may show at the neck or have long sleeves
Pants, shorts, skorts, capris
• Khaki (tans), navy, white, black, or gray; solid color only
• Denim, cotton-twill, corduroy, knit materials or polyester blend uniform styles; solid color only
• Shorts and skorts hems must be fingertip-length or longer
• May have side, back, or waist pockets; no pockets on legs
• No gym shorts
• No cargo, carpenter, or stretch pants
• Pants with belt loops must have a belt worn with them
• No athletic pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris
Dresses, skirts, jumpers
• Any solid color including heather; logo may not exceed 2” square (exception: SSLS logos)
• Denim, cotton-twill, corduroy, knit materials or polyester blend uniform styles
• All hems must be fingertip-length or longer
• Dress must have a collar and sleeves must cover shoulders
Sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests
(indoor wear) 
• Any solid color including heather fabric; logo may not exceed 2” square (exception: SSLS logo)
• Cardigan, round or V-neck sweaters; crew or hooded sweatshirts; sweater vest or fleece vest
• Solid fabric
Coats, jackets, and sweatshirts
(outdoor wear) 
• Outdoor wear can be of any style or color; logo must be appropriate for a Christian school
• Outdoor wear cannot be worn in the classroom
• Closed-toe, closed-heel and appropriate for school activities
• Socks or footies worn with shoes
• Shoes with laces or velcro must be fastened
• Heels not to exceed 2”
• No noise making shoes
• No Crocs
Hair Styles
• Coloring or spiking hair beyond what is natural is not acceptable
• Hair should be kept out of the eyes
• Hair should not be a distraction to students
• Exposed body piercings (other than earrings for girls) or tattoos not allowed
• Hats and sunglasses may not be worn indoors
• Undergarments must not be visible
• Girls may wear tights, pantyhose, or leggings under a skirt, skort or dress; solid color only
• Only Grades 6-8 may wear scarves, jewelry, or other accessory; must align with the “spirit” of our dress code
• Smart watches are not to be worn
Fridays (Casual Day)
Students may wear the following attire on Fridays as an alternative to the standard dress code (all other guidelines apply):
• Shirts: stripes or patterns (polo-style, oxford dress style, blouse), logo not to exceed 2” square
• Christian T-shirt, SSLS T-shirt
Sports and Academic Teams
• Team members may wear team attire (as determined by the coach) on specified days
Spirit Days
• SSLS schedules “spirit days” so that students can display school pride and have fun with alternate dress styles.
Field Trips and/or Special Class-
room Days
• Students may wear attire (as determined by the teacher) on specified days
Dress Down Days
• Yoga and leggings can be worn as long as a shirt is fingertip length and remains fingertip length.
• No Pajama Bottoms unless specified by your teacher.
• No Crocs.
• All shirts must have sleeves and cover shoulders.
In our partnership between home and school, each of us has a role in complying with our dress code.  Students are asked to consider their appearance before leaving for school in the morning.  Parents are asked to support the school in our attempt to promote a positive and appropriate learning environment.  Teachers and staff are asked to enforce the dress code guidelines consistently and fairly.  The school is asked to amend the dress code as needed to reflect fashion or styles.
When the home and school work together in our dress code, we know that school time is focused more on teaching and learning, rather than dealing with the distractions and frustrations of inappropriate dress attire.
Dress Code Enforcement
1. Parents are requested to monitor what their children wear to school and should help their children develop pride in their appearance.
2. Enforcement of the dress code guidelines may vary as per grade level, nature of infraction, and number of occurrences.  Consequences for infractions may include, but are not limited to, written notice, phone call, change of clothing, and suspension.
3. The faculty shall assume responsibility for enforcing this policy, under the direction and guidance of the principal.  Each teacher has the authority to approach any student whose dress is considered in violation of the dress code, regardless of student grade level.
4. The school reserves the right to make final determination on the validity of student dress; the classroom teacher and/or principal may handle special circumstances on an individual basis.
Approved: July 3, 2023